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WCT07 (Men's Tour) - Tahiti Pro Teahupoo

This is our favourite event of the year - so excited that it's finally here!! The 'wave at the end of the road', Teahupoo is an absolute freak of nature - coming straight out the deepest depths of the Pacific Ocean, breaking into just inches of water over a super-sharp reef, producing one of the most awe-inspiring waves on the planet! Add to that the tropical blue water, incredible mountainous backdrop and the incredible views straight into the barrel and you've got the recipe for the most incredible viewing experience you can hope for. Can you tell we're excited about this one!?!

In terms of your Fantasy Surfer team you want to make sure you're picking people with the guts to go for any wave that comes through. Depending on the swell this wave can get absolutely enormous! You don't want a surfer who's going to be scared (yes, even the best in the world get terrified here at Teahupoo!). It was only a few years ago that Felipe Toledo didn't even catch a wave during his heat when it was macking - he's sorted his game out a bit when it comes to bigger waves but I'm sure there are still plenty of surfers in the roster that have a few nerves when paddling into those bombs!

Remember it's just the guys surfing this event, the women are just finishing their 7th stop over in Huntington Beach in California so you've only got the 1 team to pick for this one.

Make sure you check out all the live action on the WSL Facebook page, head over to for the Heat Analyser and keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates, we'll be watching as many heats as we can stay awake for!

BGSS Top Pick - Considering how relaxed he is in even the most insane waves we simply can't bet against John-John Florence taking the win here, the boy has no fear!

Reigning Champ - Julian Wilson

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