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Video Coaching


Previously only offered to advanced or even competition level surfers to improve their manoeuvres, Big Green Adventures have been leading the way in offering this incredible coaching to surfers of all abilities.

From the moment you can catch your own waves, video-coaching is an awesome tool to help your surfing skill reach new heights.

You can even get a copy of the video for you to show off to your friends & family! Just ask your coach if you want a copy.

Video Coaching Crantock Newquay
Advanced Video Surf Coaching

Video Coaching Details & Prices


During your session you'll surf for between 60-90 minutes whilst your coach films all of your waves from a vantage point on the beach. You'll be returning to the beach occasionally for a few top-tips but the aim is to get as many waves in as possible, the more footage we have the more coaching we can do!

After you've caught enough waves we'll head back to the surf school, get changed and ready with a cuppa, then this is when the magic really happens. Your coach will be breaking down each wave you've caught, frame-by-frame, wave-by-wave, highlighting exactly what you're getting right and which parts still need some work. By slowing down the footage you'll be able to see how even the smallest of changes in your arm, head or foot position can drastically affect how much balance and control you'll feel on your board.

For more advanced surfers you'll be able to see subtleties like your targeting and positioning on the wave-face, how your body rotation is affecting your turns. For beginner surfers you'll see how important things like body alignment, foot placement and timing are on the quality of your waves.

Whatever your level, you'll come away with a clear idea of how to improve and a concise set of goals from your coach about what you need to be doing on your next surf.


Video Coaching costs £45 per session for up to 4 people

Please note: £45 is to cover the additional coach to video your waves, this is in addition to the price of your chosen lesson. The price is £45 for 1-4 people, i.e. a group of 4 people would pay £11.25pp extra for this added coaching.

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