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WCT06 - Corona Open J-Bay

Hands-down the best event of the 2017 season, will J-Bay produce the goods yet again? We certainly hope so! Regardless of the waves, Jeffrey's Bay always has plenty of drama to keep us entertained, whether it's Mick Fanning getting up close and personal with sharks, Kelly Slater breaking his foot and writing of his dreams of a 12th World Title, or Felipe Toledo taking the realms of what's possible on a point-break into a whole new dimension!

Jeffrey's Bay is widly regarded as THE best right-hand point-break on the planet, a truly incredible wave that always ensures that the world's best bring their top surfing to the fore. This year the Women's side of the draw will have a crack at J-Bay's long stretched out walls which will be incredible to see!

When you're picking your Fantasy Surfer Team for this event you would normally be looking at surfers with a good rail-game like Jordy, John-John (if he wasn't injured), Joel Parkinson or Frederico Morais, but after Toledo's aerial acrobatics at last years event, it really is anyone's game! He completely changed what's possible, if you haven't seen the incredible waves he rode last year then it's well worth checking out - prepare to be amazed!

With a much friendlier time difference than many events on tour it should be easy to tune in to to watch all of the heats and, as always, make sure you keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates

BGSS Top Pick - Jordy Smith is always a threat here, the big South African knows this wave better than almost anyone and this could just be his year. On the ladies side we're struggling to see how anyone will be able to beat Steph Gilmore, her effortless style and flow seems perfectly suited to Jbay.

Reigning Champs - Felipe Toledo (no reigning Women's Champ)

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