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Our surf lessons are legendary, it's how we made our name! This won't be like any other surf lesson you've had, you can expect personal feedback on every wave from our amazing coaches, a whole host of tips, tricks and techniques to get you ripping and to cap it all off we've got the best equipment around for you to use for FREE!

Why choose Big Green?


Small Groups

A maximum of 6 people in each group lesson meaning more personal attention from your coach. Plus we have Private Lessons available if you'd like.


Family Friendly

Anyone aged from 8 to 108 can join our group lessons, or we welcome younger surfers in a Private Lesson. All abilities welcome, from beginners to shredders!


Top Quality Equipment

From our eco-conscious C-Skins wetsuits, to industry leading Vision Softboards, right through to our range of advanced surfboards, we've got you covered!


Experienced & Passionate Coaches

Our highly qualified team simply live and breath all things surf, whatever your previous experience, our mission is to help you improve and enjoy your surfing!


Safety During & After Your Lesson

Safety is at the core of what we do, not only will your coach be keeping an eye on you in the lesson, they'll give you the skills and knowledge to take away with you.

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Group Lessons


Private Lessons

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Lesson Packages

Lesson Details

Group Lesson - £45 per person

Beginner Lessons to Advanced Coaching for anyone aged 8 or above. You can expect small groups, amazing coaches & top quality equipment. Most beginners stand in their first lesson! All lessons include 2-hours tuition on the beach, please allow additional time for checking in, changing and walking to the waters edge.


2 Lesson Package - £85 per person

Available to any ability, choose from either 2x surf lessons or mix it up with any of our other activities. Timings all depend on the tide, you can book online by using the form above or get in touch for more accurate info on timings.


3 Lesson Package - Taster Course - £120 per person

Highly recommended for all abilities. By taking a course of 3 lessons your coach will really get to know you and your surfing, this enables us to tailor all the techniques specifically to you, ensuring that your surfing level goes through the roof! After 3 lessons, muscle-memory really starts to kick in so the next time you surf you'll remember a lot more of the technique that you've been taught - ideal for progression year on year.

4 Lesson Package - Progressor Course - £150 per person

Spread over as many days as you'd like, ideal if you've got other activities planned in your week away. All of our activities are interchangeable so if you want to mix things up with some SUP or Kayaking then go for it! By the end of the 4 lessons we'll aim to have you confidently riding the majority of waves you catch, turning both ways and maybe even pushing further out to catch and ride some unbroken 'green' waves!


5 Lesson Package - Full Week Course - £175 per person


If you really want to make the most of your time in Cornwall then you can’t beat this incredible offer. A full week of top coaching, guaranteed to take your surfing to new levels! We recommend a lesson every day but if you want to really go for it and try to squeeze them into 3 days then bring a ton of energy! By the end of the week you'll have the skills to catch and ride your own waves, keep yourself safe as well as a host of other skills to accelerate your journey into becoming a proper surfer!


Private Lesson - 1-to-1 - £90

If you have something specific you want to work on with your surfing, you feel you need some incredibly focused coaching or even if you’re feeling a little shy and don’t want to be in a crowd then a private lesson could be for you. With private lessons we always recommend getting in touch so we can tailor the session completely to you and your surfing needs.


Private Family Lesson - £195 (4 surfers)

An amazing private surf session for you and your family. Feel free to bring more people along if you've got a bigger family, just add an extra £35 per person. Highly recommended if you've got any aspiring surfers younger than 8 years old. To book, just choose the 'Private Lesson' option and add the extra participants.


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