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WCT07 (Women's Tour) - Vans US Open of Surfing

The men's and women's tour split at this stage of the season, with the ladies heading to Huntington Beach in California for the 7th stop on their tour.

One of the longest surfed beaches in the USA since George Freeth first surfed here in 1914, this wave-rich area has long been known for incredible surfing competitions.

In terms of results this really is an open playing field, last year was a real switch-up in the ratings with Sage Erickson taking the win over Tatiana Weston-Webb, with none of the usual "major-players" making it past the Quarter-Finals.

There's all to play for in our Fantasy Surfer League so make sure you pick the best team!

To keep up to date with all the action make sure you head over to the WSL Facebook page for the live feed, tune in to to watch all the action on the Heat Analyser and make sure to keep an eye on our own Facebook page for updates as we go!

BGSS Top Pick - We're picking Sally Fitzgibbons as the winner this year, she's got a full bag of tricks and manoeuvres which is what's needed in these changing waves.

Reigning Champ - Sage Erickson

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