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Must Watch Surf Movies - Part 2

Welcome to the second part of the guide on surf movies that we think are essential viewing! Plenty of you have been in touch to say how much you enjoyed the first 5 suggestions, so here we go with another 5 for your viewing pleasure!

Through the Whisky Barrel

A bit closer to home with this movie, it's all about Scottish surfing! Featuring the best surfers from Scotland through the years. It's an awesome mix of interviews with key-figures, alongside some seriously epic waves. In our opinion Scotland has some of THE best waves and setups on the planet, if you can brave the cold then you're in for a treat!

Just Add Water

A surfing biography featuring Clay Marzo, widely regarded as one of the most innovative surfers around. Clay has been diagnosed with autism since his childhood and this film showcases not only his out-of-this-world surfing ability but also the challenges he's faced due to his condition. It's an awesome film and we can guarantee you'll see some surfing maneuvers you've never seen before!

A Fly In The Champagne

Throughout the early 2000's there was a huge rivalry in competitive surfing between 2 of the greatest surfers the sport has ever known; Andy Irons & Kelly Slater. There was no love lost in or out of the water, tons of head-to-head battles and they simply dominated the sport for years! In this film the 2 rivals meet up and go on a surf-trip together, reminiscing about the rivalry, the competitions and of course getting some incredible waves in the process.

Singlefin Yellow

One of my favourite longboarding films of all time, tracking the journey of one beautiful Yellow Singe-fin shaped by Tyler Hatzikian as it is sent from one surfer to another around the world. Seeing how each surfer's style, and especially the waves it's ridden in, affect how the board performs is really awesome. A proper feelgood movie and it's got an absolutely epic soundtrack as well!

North Shore

Now this one is a PROPER film, a firm favourite in the surfing world that flopped at the cinema's but has since become something of a cult-hit! Some awesome cameos from the best surfers of the era and some of the most quotable lines in any surf-flick! We're not gonna give the story away so trust us, just watch it!

As always let us know your thoughts on our choices, keep an eye on our blog for the next installment of films soon!

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