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Dangerous Dunes

As you can see from the picture, the dunes at Crantock have been hit pretty hard by the winter storms this year. This is on top of the erosion that's happened in the last few winters and that has left us with some incredibly steep drops in places.

Even though sliding down the dunes, playing on the slopes or drawing in the sheer faces can seem like fun, it can also be incredibly dangerous and it's important you're aware of that. The Coastguard has issued a warning highlighting how serious the risk is from collapsing sand dunes.

Sand is incredibly heavy, if any part of the dune were to collapse when you, your kids or even your dog was playing on it then there is a very real danger of becoming buried, with potentially fatal consequences.

Another big factor to think about is that from time to time the shifting sands can expose barbed wire and other sharp objects, which were part of the coastal defences in World War 2 and have since been buried by the sand. If you do come across any hazards then please let us know and we'll pass that on to the National Trust Ranger team, alternatively you can contact them yourself via the National Trust website.

If you're coming down around Easter then please take care - even later in the year you should still be aware when playing around the steeper areas of the dunes, however things tend to be a lot safer by then. As the weather settles down, the lighter winds gently smooth out the dunes and the slopes get a lot less steep and hence safer. Please be careful anytime you're on sand dunes though, keep the kids and dogs under supervision, especially keep away from the steep sections.

As always when on the beach, stay safe and in case of any emergency call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

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